There's a TLD for that

Dx-99x124The Internet is changing from black-and-white to color! Instead of just a few choices in Internet names, soon there will be hundreds. Donuts is bringing new top-level domain names (or TLDs) to market to help you secure a meaningful, memorable, online identity and tell the world exactly what you’re about.  Mark your online territory in relevant, specific TLDs.

A service company might want something in .SERVICES. Camera stores in .CAMERA.   A gallery in .GALLERY, while .WINE is perfect for a winery! Florists in .FLORIST,  Financial companies in .FINANCIAL,  A toy store in .TOY…  Rentals in .RENTALS

And so many more!  Names for small business, big business, personal names, hobbies, blogs, political, your community, your place on the web… names to express any area of human endeavor.

New and fresh choices in hundreds of new TLDs. Get ready.  New names are arriving now. Want to learn more? Subscribe to our newsletter.  We’ll update you along the way.

News About Donuts

Donuts by the Numbers: 50

50:  The number of the next ICANN meeting coming on June 23 in London.
       Wow, that Berlin ICANN meeting does not seem like it was 15 years ago.
50:  “Cent,” the artist who made an appearance on behalf of the (continued…)

There Are Plenty of Domain Names—Useful and Specific Ones

Last week, Verisign published its quarterly domain industry brief.  The premise is that there is no shortage of available registrations in .COM or .NET.

Technically, of course there isn’t… because the name space is nearly infinite.  But what kinds(continued…)